My Itty Bitty Sims Problem
Sims. It's kind of an addiction.
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Computer Issues

Hey guys, I’m still having issues with my computer/sims. I did manage to take some more screenshots the other day. You can probably expect those up soon. I might also make another list of house downloads/neighborhood downloads. I’m revamping my personal blog at the moment… this one may go through some changes too. I really need to make a custom content tag list. Just been so bent out of shape because of how impossible it is to run sims right now. D:

Hey, i definitely think you should put a house for download.. soo pretty! Also could you do a post with your favorite house downloads? Thank you xxx

Thank you! c:
I’m going to make a post about possibly having houses for download in a second. 

& I actually have a post with some of my favorites.
Located here: 

If anyone would like more than that… I could maybe make another post since I’ve been a little dead lately due to issues. D: 

Thank you soo much :D

no problem. c:

may i ask where did you get the plant that is twisted arround the column? /image/43944538071

oh gosh, i have a lot of flowers like that, but i’m pretty sure those are from lunasims.
try this -> here. c:
(if the link doesn’t take you directly to a page with the flowers - let me know. it should, but it was giving me issues).

Ty ♥♥♥ Just Finished Downloading and Fixing up Ivystone manor ._. surprisingly there is no lag at all.FURNITURE DOWNLOADS HERE I COME ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

no problem. c:

Will you plz list some of the houses you like?Plz

as in houses that i’ve liked enough to download? ‘course. c:
i’m extremely picky though. ^^ 

i’ll make an actual post in a minute with links and such. 



how many of you would be interested?

first of all, sorry it’s taking a while for me to get the rest of that last house up. i’ve been having some issues with the game since i downloaded the last update. -.- but i think it’s better now… anyway, i’ve been getting quite a few messages asking about downloading my lots… i don’t, currently, have any for download… but how many people would actually be interested? i’m also considering making a full custom content list. like or answer this post if you’re interested in either so I know if it’s worth it or not. thanks. c:

Custom Content List

for my newest bedroom. by request.
i’m still kind of in an inconvenient place to be doing this, so i’ll update this list later with more specifics…
if you have any questions about certain items…
let me know.

Random Items: Floor Pillows I (TSR), Floor Pillows/Chair II (TSR), Shutters I (TSR), (I’ll have to find the shutters behind the bed a little later - I’m still stuck in a hotel room), I-Pod (Clutter/Functional Radio. TSR), Hanging Candle, Laundry Basket

Sets: Glam Cottage Hallway Set (TSR), Dressing Corner Set (TSR)

Fireplace Set (TSR)

I’m sure content by Mutske (TSR) and more by deeiutza (also TSR) is floating around there somewhere (I frequently use window planters, candles, and the Tislia Music Cabinet from Mutske… I use all of the “glam cottage” series and related content by deeiutza.

The bedset/blankets/pillows/canopy/lamp/etc (i.e. this set) etc is from Peggyzone. It’s bedroom000258.

*cough* psmbd *cough*

Most of the curtains I use (among other things) are from lunasims.

Definitely check out the CC at gardenbreeze. … the chairs with the ribbons are by pocci, I believe.

Rug is probably by Praline Sims (TSR).

I also have a spiral staircase by Gosik (TSR) in the back of that bedroom now. This one.